I have always had a tendency towards pareidolia, which is when you see faces in inanimate things. One of my favorite things to do when I am feeling stuck creatively is to drop ink or watercolor on wet paper and find images within. Another creative game I play is when I am a passenger in a moving car, I allow my pen to sit loosely in my opposite hand and see how the pen interprets the drive into squiggly lines in my sketchbook. I then later look at it and find some face or figure hidden within the inked brambles of the lines.

I have done a few quilts in the past and have amassed several boxes of beautiful fabric. Lately, I have found myself craving to work with that fabric and thanks to a Facebook group called “Stitch Meditations”, I have finally begun. It feels like a natural extension of my mixed media work. I’ve been working small for the moment; 4”x4” squares torn from an old fabric shower curtain. This shower curtain was white with large light blue mandalas on it.

I then use my pareidolia to search the section of the mandala until I see something emerge. I do a quick sketch on the square and start stitching adding embroidery and fabric scraps as I would with a paper collage.

Janice Fried ©2019


Right now, I am enjoying the process for what it is rather than what they might eventually become.

Right now, they are bringing me joy and isn’t that what’s important?

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