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Illustrator and fine artist, Janice Fried never knew a time when she wasn’t drawing or doing some kind of artwork.  “My mother is also an artist so I grew up learning to find beauty in all kinds of things like an old piece of lacy rust or a smooth stone or a piece of birch bark.”, says Fried.  As a child, Janice loved to create her own children’s books and so being an illustrator, matching words with pictures was the most natural thing for her to do.  Janice picks three of her favorite images and tells us in her own words why.


Janice Fried: This piece is one of a series of mixed media pieces I did for myself based on the first volume (A-Ames) of an old Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia.  I would find a word or a name on the page and illustrate it.  To date, I…

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